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A Consumer's Guide to the Texas SR-22 - Part 2


Should I Tell My Insurance Company About The SR-22?

This question requires us to look at a couple of factors in order to be answered properly. You see, even though the Texas Department of Public Safety regularly advises people to obtain the SR-22 form from their automobile insurance provider; that is not always possible. Many insurance carriers consider the SR-22 to be an indicator of a “sub-standard” or “high-risk” driver; so if a driver who is already insured with the company requests an SR-22, this sends up warning flags to the company underwriters. An insurance company is required to file its underwriting guideline with the Texas Department of Insurance; and then it must follow that guideline for all clients or face penalties. If the company you are currently insured with provides coverage for “sub-standard” or “high-risk” drivers (people with multiple tickets or accidents on their driving record), then the best advice is to talk to your current insurance agent about obtaining the SR-22.


However, if your current automobile insurance carrier is one of those companies that specialize in providing coverage for “standard” or “preferred” drivers, then obtaining the SR-22 from your current company can become much more difficult. Here are some of the potential problems to be aware of:

In conclusion, if you currently have your insurance coverage through a “sub-standard” or “high-risk” company you should talk to your agent about providing the SR-22. If however you are currently insured through a “standard” or “preferred” company, then you should look at some other options before contacting your insurance. I will be discussing these options available to you in the next part of this series.

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