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What is a Texas SR-22 insurance policy and what does it do?

A Texas SR-22 (or Financial Responsibility Form) is actually an endorsement that is attached to an insurance policy, this is why you can not just purchase the form by itself… it actually is part of the policy it is attached to. The easiest way to think of it is as a monitoring tool for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The State of Texas requires that a SR-22 be filed for many different reasons, such as:

When a SR-22 is issued and filed with the Texas DPS, this action obligates the insurance company that issued the SR-22 to constantly monitor the status of the policy to which the SR-22 is attached and notify TDPS of any changes in that policy’s status. The SR-22 itself has an Effective Date, but no Expiration Date… it is good until the issuing company notifies the TDPS that the policy has terminated (however TDPS does require that the insuring company submit an updated copy of the SR-22 every two years).

In my view, it is this obligation to constantly monitor the policy that causes many, many insurance companies to resist issuing the SR-22… they consider it to be high risk insurance. Often these major carriers will either just flatly refuse to provide the form, or they will move the family’s entire book of business into their high risk side of companies… usually accompanied by large increases in the premiums and/or a notice of Non-Renewal.

To make matters worse, many people believe that they can protect their family insurance by taking out a second policy from another insurance agency on one of their vehicles to provide the SR-22. This can be devastating because Texas does not allow a vehicle to be covered on more than a single policy at a time. This new policy actually legally voids all coverage on the listed vehicle from any prior policies.

Our “BUY SR-22 ONLINE” program is specifically designed to solve all these problems. Besides being extremely fast and easy to use, all policies written through our online program are issued on a Texas Operators (or Non-Owner’s) Policy. This policy provides limited coverage for you while driving a vehicle that you do not own or rent, nor any vehicle that is provided through work or for your use on any regular basis… but most importantly, it provides a base policy for us to attach the SR-22 and it does NOT list one of your vehicles, so it has no impact on the coverage provided through your family insurance policy. Also, because the coverage is limited, it allows us to keep the rates as low as possible. Our goal is to be able to provide you the SR-22 you require without destroying your family policy.

If you are driving a car that is not currently insured and you need a Texas SR-22, this online policy would not be your best choice. Please just contact our office so that we can provide you with a policy that not only supplies the SR-22 but will also insure your vehicle.

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